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The U.S State Department, Commission on Human Rights and Amnesty International reported the corruption, civil and human rights abuses, and crimes of all kinds in our Philippine Government as well as in our society. Undoubtedly, the Filipino people for generations, with open eyes, are living witnesses to this decadence.

In response to these reports, the Filipino workers in the United Kingdom have initiated a “Signature Campaign” for the establishment of a Philippine Jury System in the Philippine Judiciary. The Campaign is intended to extend to the whole of Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries where Filipinos can be reached.

The Organizers of the Philippine Jury Campaign and the working class, firmly believe, with faith and convictions, that there remains a hope, if not the only hope, to make the Philippines a just and humane society where people are free from fear, where the government is free from corruptions and justice is served where justice is due. The only way is to empower the people in the administration of justice thru the creation of the Philippine Jury System.

The Philippine Constitution has vested our Congress the responsibility to pass and enact laws. The same Constitution also guarantees the people’s power to initiate, pass and enact laws thru the process of Initiative Act.

As in any democratic government where sovereignty resides in the people, this campaign invokes our Constitutional rights to initiate or legislates laws directly or indirectly as embodied in our Philippine Constitution, Article 6, Sections 1 & 32 thru the process of Initiative and Republic Act 6735. Our intentions are two-folds.

Firstly, to install or incorporate the Jury System in our Justice Department at the earliest possible time. Understanding our society and culture, no significant changes in terms of long lasting benefits are foreseeable as government offices and agencies are easily corrupted by the rich and powerful. Perpetual commission of crimes of all kinds and degrees is inevitable as perpetrators can get away with their crimes. Crimes committed with impunity. We are fully convinced the Jury System, once installed in our Government will result to an impartial justice system.

Secondly, the process of Initiative will empower the people in matters of legislation. It will be under rated to limit its importance as the first democratic process where the people not the politicians decide on such vital issue. More so, it will open the door to political maturity. The process will affirm and confirm the sovereignty of the people over and above any instrumentalities of the government. It will strengthen the belief and faith that authority of the government resides in the people. Furthermore, the realization of the people of their rights to initiate or legislate laws co-equal their rights to repel any existing laws which may be deemed unjust, repressive and unnecessary. The Initiative Process enables the people to serve as Guardians of Democracy. Henceforth, the power of the Government will be shifted gradually, from the politicians to the people - the ultimate attainment of Public Servants not Masters of the People.

The “Signature Campaign” among Filipinos abroad is intended to gather support from those who in one way or another have heard or have the slightest idea of a Jury System. It is very encouraging to know that the Jury System is a welcome idea among the overseas Filipinos. Though the actual Initiative Campaign will be conducted all over the Philippines, the overseas Filipinos in turn will influence their families back home to support the creation of a Philippine Jury System.

We are resolved that Trial by Jury is the mechanism to make our Judiciary System effective, strong and truly independent. We are resolute in this campaign. We will appeal to all Filipinos and friends of Filipinos to support this Initiative Act until it becomes a law. We will campaign until the first ordinary Filipino will be called to serve his country as a Juror in the first Trial by Jury.

Let us not wait to hear someone we know is a victim of crime.
Let us not wait to know a friend or someone dear to us is a victim of injustices.
Let us not wait for the poor becomes poorer.

Our children and the Filipinos yet unborn deserve a better Philippines. Let this be our Legacy to the coming generation.